Welcome to Sveon. We are an established company developing high-quality business software. We strive to create solutions that match the specific needs of your work combining modern technologies and practices with high quality, security, reliability and uncompromising support.

Sveon is an IT services company providing a full spectrum of business software solutions, including software design and development, outsourcing, system integration, and consulting, coupled with top-of-the-line support, maintenance, and quality assurance.


Our core expertise focuses on the development of bespoke highly-specialised business software ranging from small, task-specific applications to large-scale projects spanning extensive business processes and operations. In addition, we provide unparalleled support for all our products, extensive warranty, quality and reliability control, as well as 24/7 assistance.


Founded in 1998, today we have tightly operating offices in London and Sofia, Bulgaria that offer high-quality services by a team of professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields.


Our company is specifically structured to provide a full range of services, including design, development, testing, deployment, security auditing, control and support of business software solutions, web applications, B2B and B2C systems, software automation processes as well as comprehensive product support and infrastructure maintenance (servers, clusters, distributed systems, networking equipment and more).


We serve hundreds of customers who rely on our expertise and dedication on a daily basis. Our products and services are tailor-made for the specific needs and requirements of our clients, and aim to automate and integrate business operations, to provide quick, accurate and efficient analytics, and – of course – peace of mind for their reliability, security and future-proof scalability.